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Unfortunately I know all about what it’s like to go through infertility. It’s one of the most difficult things a woman can endure and it’s too bad more people aren’t aware of it because unless you’ve been through it, you have no idea just how heart-wrenching of an experience it is.

I’m happy that I was one of the many that overcame infertility and was able to conceive a child after my hopes had been dashed. Not everybody can turn their situation around but I am convinced that most women can if they are proactive about their situation and decide to fight.

And for those that can’t overcome it, I believe those women / couples deserve a fulfilling, rewarding and peaceful life that is full of happiness.  Suffering through it is not the only way.

It is for these reasons that I started GuideToInfertility.com. It’s my hope and desire that the site will help more women / couples out there enjoy the quality of life they deserve.

To getting pregnant!

Lisa Dalton

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