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If you or someone you know has had to deal with infertility and you’d like to contribute to our site we would be thrilled to get your input. We know there are thousands of people out there who have all sorts of tips, wisdom and stories to share that would help so many other people out.

If you’d like to write an article that appears on our site please submit the article below and include your name and email address so we can contact you and let you know when to expect your content to be live on the site.

Please try to make the article at least 400 words but it can be as long as you’d like. We’d love to know things like: what treatments worked for you, what would you tell someone who is just starting to recognize that they suffer from infertility, how to cope with it or anything else that you might see others benefiting from.

We won’t take credit for what you write. Anything we post on the site will carry your name on it.

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