The Best Sexual Positions to Get Pregnant

While the heat of the moment may cause many couples to give little thought to how they are making love, there are some sexual positions that are best if you are looking to get pregnant. Paying attention to the sexual position is especially important if there have been problems associated with conceiving, and knowing which are the best sexual positions to get pregnant can definitely help you along the way to a baby.

To understand how sexual position can affect the chances of getting pregnant, you must understand the journey the sperm must take in order to reach the egg. When the sperm is deposited in the vagina, it must swim towards the cervix to begin with. The vagina is a relatively acid environment, and this acidity can contribute to sperm mortality right at the start. In order to lessen the chances that too many sperm will be killed off while in the vagina, it is important to make sure that the sperm start their journey as close to the cervix as possible. There are some sexual positions that will do this and will increase the chances to get pregnant.

One of the best sexual positions to get pregnant is what is called the spooning position. In this case, the man lies up against the back of the woman and enters her vagina from behind. This provides for good penetration and will deliver the sperm near to the cervix, helping as many sperm as possible avoid long exposure to the vagina’s acidity. This is a very relaxing position as well as being one of the best sexual positions to get pregnant. When using this, or any of the other positions that will help you to get pregnant, it is important that the man remain in place for several minutes after ejaculation, to make sure the sperm stays where it has been deposited. It is also a good idea for the woman to remain lying down for about 15 minutes, to give the sperm the best chance to get through the cervix.

Another good position to provide for deep penetration is the ‘doggy’ position. This is a rather inelegant term, but does describe it quite accurately. The woman should either get on her hands and knees or lower her head while keeping her rear elevated. The man should enter her while she is in this position, and can even pull her towards him to allow for an even better chance to get pregnant.

Lying together face to face, in the so-called missionary position, is also a good way to get pregnant. Once again, this position allows the man to enter the woman as deeply as possible, allowing the sperm to be deposited far up into the vagina. For most sperm, the less time spent in the vagina, the better, although the acidic conditions there are considered to favor the conception of a girl.

When trying for the best sexual positions to get pregnant, there are some positions that are best avoided. If the woman sits on her partner, not only will the penetration be more shallow, but gravity will also work against pregnancy. Standing up during intercourse is also a poor choice if looking to get pregnant. The thing to remember when looking for one of the best sexual positions to get pregnant is to make sure the man is able to enter the woman as deeply as possible, and that both partners are relaxed. Stress and anxiety can have a negative impact on the chances of conceiving regardless of the position chosen.

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